Sexual Counseling

I offer help with the following problems:
  • No or insufficient sexual satisfaction
  • Little or no desire for sex
  • Dealing with infidelities and affairs
  • Little or no sexual self-confidence
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty accepting your own body
  • Problems with your own gender or sexual orientation
  • Problems after a miscarriage or infertility
  • Disorder of sexual arousal
  • Orgasmic disorder (no orgasm or severely delayed)
  • Premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox)
  • porn addiction
  • jealousy
  • multi-loving
  • prostitution

In the course of counselling, I’ll thoroughly discuss your problems and goals with you. We’ll work together in a safe space to find a way out of the tough situations you’re facing.

You’re free to identify yourself however you’d like with regard to sexual orientation and gender.


  •  To have a fulfilling sex life
  •  To be able to use your strengths to solve problems
  •  To better recognize, develop, and solidify one’s sexuality
  •  To find yourself attractive
  •  To resolve fears and other blockades

These goals are just examples. You’re naturally encouraged to determine your own goals in the course of therapy. lgbtqia+ friendly and experienced.

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