Couples Counseling

You may be experiencing relationship problems such as:

  • The relationship has lost its spark
  • Binational relationships who can be difficult or challenging
  • Love taking a backseat while daily life takes over
  • Conflicts escalate into power struggles
  • Feelings of jealousy getting out of hand
  • You feel hurt and neglected
  • The relationship becomes a major source of stress
  • There’s a lack of making plans together
  • You don’t recognize yourself any more
  • You don’t know if you want to stay in the relationship


  • To be happy together
  • To find a way to treat each other with respect
  • To be able to recognize the relationship’s risks and use its opportunities
  • To improve communication
  • To turn negative patterns in the relationship into positive ones
  • To solidify and reinforce the strengths of the relationship
  • To discover your partner, what you share in common, and the sensuality of your relationship again

In couples therapy, I’ll observe the status of the relationship together with you and your partner. Counselling is the key to helping you understand your situation and finding the path to a future together.