Working Methods – Finding the right approach

There are many methods that each promise to be the best way to make everything better.

But what actually helps?


I’m of the firm belief that every person and every couple need solutions that are tailored specifically to them and their concerns. As a counsellor, that means I’ll apply, combine, and customize various methods and tactics for those under my care. It’s through working together that we’ll find the best solution. In doing so, we’ll develop a solution to each and every problem. 


A Solution-oriented Approach

With this method, you’re the center of determining the solution for your specific problem. This approach then unleashes your inner strengths and uses them to solve what’s troubling you and overcome your challenging situation.

A Holistic Approach

Using a holistic method means including one’s social environment into counselling. A problem is never limited to just one person but is rather a product of them and their surroundings.


Because of this, the following tactics will be utilized:

  • Circular questioning – simulates a third-party perspective to find new working methods.
  • Reverse psychology – changes old thought and behaviour patterns by way of unexpected reactions.
  • System board – Understand internal and external systems and how the can be better managed.

Neurolinguistic Programming

This approach treats problems as something learned over the course of one’s life (programmed learnings). Here, neurocognitive processes are reprogrammed through speaking and in doing so, problems solved.


The bulk of work here is the reshaping of one’s personal dogmas or expectations, such as:

“I need to be perfect.” “I need to make things right with everyone.” “I’m not allowed to make mistakes.” “I need to accomplish something.”


After the “reprogramming”, paths are opened up to new solutions and problem management methods.