©Paarberatung und Mediation vom Kanton Zürich
  • Degree in Sexual Medicine and Sexual Therapy University Basel
  • Degree in Psychological Counseling
    Paracelsus Zürich
  • Certification as Sexual and Couples Counselor
    Paracelsus Tübingen
  • Certification in Advanced Education in Systematic Couples Therapy
    Zürich Institute for Environmental-Systematic Therapy (per procurationem) (Institut für Ökologisch-systemische Therapie Zürich)
  • Certification in Mediation (Konstanzer School for Mediation)
  • Certification as KIB Trainer in Luzern (Kinder im Blick in Luzern)
  • Education in Social pedagogy
    Aarau Higher Vocational School for Health and Society
    (Höhere Fachschule Gesundheit und Soziales)
  • Caretaker of the mentally and physically handicapped
    Swiss Federal Vocational Education and Training Apprenticeship
    Brugg Vocational School for Health and Society (BF Gesundheit und Soziales, Brugg)

Professional Experience

  • Over 13 years of work experience in helping and supporting people
  • Counselor for the Kanton (state) Zug ( leb Paar- und Einzelberatung in Zug)
  • Currently working (50%) for the Kanton (state) Zürich as Couples Counselor and Mediator (Paarberatung & Mediation im Kanton Zürich)
  • Author of “Ratgeber” (Advisor) for the Luzern Newspaper
  • Teacher for “Singles treffen Singles” (Singles Meeting Singles) and “Der andere Sexsalon” (The Other Brothel) and “Fix your Sex’n Love” and “Kids in the center” (teaching parents how to deal with the situation after the divorce)
  • Experience with people suffering from psychological issues
  • Experience with children and youth with troubling pasts
  • Six years of counseling and therapy
  • I counsel Individuals and couples who suffer with:
      • Self worth issues
      • Crisis
      • Stress & Unhappiness
      • Addictions
      • The death of a loved one
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Relationship problems
      • Sexual problems
      • Gender dysphoria
      • Body dysmorphia
      • Family problems
      • Asperger’s syndrome
      • Emotional dependence
      • Borderline
      • Narcissism